Proofs of Evidence submited by North Somerset Council

NSC 1/1 Karuna Tharmananthar Overarching Case Proof

NSC/1/2 Karuna Tharmananthar Overarching Case Appendices

NSC/1/3 Karuna Tharmananthar Overarching Case Summary Proof


NSC/2/1 Philip Paterson Engineering Proof

NSC/2/2 Philip Paterson Engineering Appendices

NSC/2/3 Philip Paterson Engineering Summary Proof

NSC/2/4 Philip Paterson Errata

NSC/2/5 Philip Paterson Technical Memorandum


NSC/3/1 Rob Thompson Transport Proof

NSC/3/2 Rob Thompson Transport Appendices

NSC/3/3 Rob Thompson Transport Sumary Proof


NSC/4/1 Ilias Drivylas Economics Proof

NSC/4/2 Ilias Drivylas Economics Appendices

NSC/4/3 Ilias Drivylas Economics Summary Proof


NSC/5/1 Nick Rowson Landscape and Exchange Land Proof

NSC/5/2 Nicholas Rowson Landscape and Exchange Land Appendices

NSC/5/3 Nick Rowson Landscape and Exchange Land Summary Proof



NSC/6/1 Matthew Bowell Ecology Proof

NSC/6/2 Matthew Bowell Ecology Appendices

NSC/6/3 Matthew Bowell Ecology Summary Proof

NSC/6/4 Ecology Errata


NSC/7/1 Adam Lawrence Noise Proof

NSC/7/2 Adam Lawrence Noise Appendices[1]

NSC/7/3 Adam Lawrence Noise Summary Proof


NSC/8/1 Andrew Talbot Air Quality Proof of Evidence

NSC/8/2 Andrew Talbot Air Quality Appendices

NSC/8/3 Andrew Talbot Air Quality Summary Proof


NSC/9/1 Paul Wright Agriculture Proof

NSC/9/2 Paul Wright Agriculture Appendices

NSC/9/3 Paul Wright Agriculture Summary Proof


NSC/10/1 Janette Shaw Planning Proof

NSC/10/2 Janette Shaw Planning Appendices

NSC/10/3 Janette Shaw Planning Summary Proof

NSC/10/5 Janette Shaw Additional docs to PoE 


NSC/11/1 Elaine Bowman Public Rights of Way Proof

NSC/11/2 Elaine Bowman Public Rights of Way Appendices

NSC/11/3 Elaine Bowman Public Rights of Way Summary Proof


NSC/12/1 John Yexley Property Proof

NSC/12/3 John Yexley Property Summary Proof